>Remember when I told you about Demon: A Memoir from Tosca Lee?  Remember how mind boggled I was to read it?

Well, Havah came in the mail … and let me tell you, I enjoyed it just as much.

Havah is a story. The story of Eve. A story I never really once thought of other than I can blame my cramps on a woman with a craving for apple. (seriously, I’m sure there will be a LONG line up in heaven for her ….)

I’ll admit that I enjoyed Demon more than Havah. But only because I was expecting the story of Eve to be told in the same way. I think if I had read Havah first, it would have been fine. Eve is a complex woman that drew me in and made me wish I knew on a personal level. She was the first mother and I wish I could have sat at her feet and asked her what it was like to hear the voice of God.

There are storylines that may rock your christian boat in Havah – if you try to read it from a biblical perspective. If you decide to enjoy the story as I think Tosca Lee intended for it to be enjoyed, then not only will you walk away thinking about Havah and her life, but you’ll also walk away wanting to know more – and hopefully going to scripture to find the answers.

Over all – buy Havah and enjoy it. Take what it offers and let it sink in. Eve is a complex woman that we could all get to know – if we are open.

**You can download Demon (for free I think still) HERE.**

Find Tosca Lee at www.toscalee.com, www.demonamemoir.com, or www.havahstoryofeve.com