Are you ready? My copy came in the mail earlier this week and I can’t wait to begin!

Also….2 people who posted in last weeks comments have won a copy of The Storyteller!

Renee Hurst and Edith Bailey
Congratulations on winning ecopies of The Storyteller! I will need your emails so I can send the book to you both!

Since a child when I realized my great grandmother came from Germany I’ve always had a fascination for that country. As a teen I became obsessed with what occurred during WWII – not just about the concentration camps and the horrors but also from the German standpoint – those who were thrown in that war without choice.

My bookshelves are filled with journals, stories, non-fiction accounts etc from this time. They will always be my first choice when it comes to reading … which is why I’ve been so excited for this month’s book club! I first heard about this story by Jodi Picoult two years ago and I’ve ben waiting impatiently for it to come out!

Next week I want to share a recipe that I found that goes well with this story – it’s from Jodi Picoult herself. But until then…let’s talk about this book.


First thing I noticed when I opened it – there are no chapters. Rather there are character names. So … if you are reading this book … let’s break it apart. Next week we will discuss the first 100 pages, following week the next 100 …

But for now:
What’s the draw for you to read it?
When you look at the cover – what’s your first thought?
Why are you excited to read it?

Post in the comments below! And let’s keep the conversation flowing – feel free to comment on one another’s posts …