Grief affects everyone differently, but one thing I know, all grief is real, regardless of the circumstance.

A dear friend of mine, recently lost her husband. I can’t begin to understand what she is dealing with or will continue to deal with, but my heart breaks for her.

This weekend, my cousin passed away. She was too young, too vibrant, too full of life to not be here anymore and my heart breaks for my aunt and uncle, for my family, as they learn to live with this loss.

For years, I lived with preparatory grief, waiting if that day would be the day my daughter lost the fight to live.

Today, I let myself sit in the sorrow that’s been hovering over me. I cried for my friend, for my family, for the hurt and pain and sadness that can never be washed away. I’m thankful that my friend is surrounded by writers and readers in the writing community who love her. I’m thankful that I come from such a large family, that my aunt and uncle won’t be alone.

Grief, as we all know, affects us differently. Some want to push their sorrow away, others don’t know how to let go. Some live in that stage of grief for years, unable to move past the hurt and pain. There’s no right or wrong way of dealing with grief. We all have to embrace it, live through it, recognize it for what it is.

it’s the knowledge that life has changed, that a part of you is missing, that you have to learn to live differently.

For those who are living with grief right now, I am so sorry. There is nothing I can say, nothing I can do to make things better for you, but I will pray for you. If you’ll let me.