An escape room challenge that turns deadly.

I was excited to begin reading this book the moment it hit my kindle – the concept caught my attention, I fell in love with the cover and let’s face it…the idea of being stuck in an elevator with people I know better than to trust…I was sold!

Chilling, entertaining, seat gripping…it’s all there in this amazing thriller by debut author Megan Goldin.

Imagine being stuck in an elevator with your boss and colleagues and realizing your life could be in serious danger. Now imagine secrets you never knew about coming to light, secrets that turn deadly.

Team building exercises are supposed to be fun, but this one wasn’t.

Welcome to the escape room. Your goal is simple. Get out alive.

I really enjoyed this book. I found the voice to be different than other’s I’d recently read and it was refreshing. The character arcs were engrossing, the way the plot played out was engaging and yes, I did end up reading this book in one sitting.

In fact – I started it at 10pm and finally closed the book around 2am. I don’t often read that late but there was no way I was closing my eyes and letting this story play out in my head without knowing the ending!

My recommendation: you’ll want to read this. Here’s the link to amazon or head to your local bookstore and grab a copy there!

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