Forgive me for bragging on my oldest daughter for a moment please…I just can’t seem to resist. I love cakes. I especially love cakes that I don’t have to make, cakes that taste amazing and look oh so good…like these ones below.


My oldest wants to be a pastry chef and make amazing cakes. She’s really good at it – not just at baking a cake but at the decorating part too. For Christmas this past year all she wanted was cake decorating supplies…and of course, being the fabulous mom I am (hahaha) I totally had to buy her all the equipment she would need, right?

I’ve asked her to make me a cake every month – and I’ll post the photos for you to see. I’ll even share the recipe if it’s a homemade cake. These are two cakes she made in the past month (yes, I’ve eaten a lot of cake lately…but I won’t complain, trust me!). The top cake, she wanted to try her hand at buttercream and roses…I think she did a great job.

For this one, we were having a joint birthday party for her and one of my nephews. What a fun cake, right? She bought 4 large packs of Kit Kat’s and two large bags of M&M’s. This cake was very very sweet – almost as sweet as it looks!