As fellow #bookaholics, we all like to get book recommendations, right? I love to share what I’m reading over on Instagram and if it’s a really good book…I like to share with you as well. For me – Progeny is a ‘really good book’.

I first discovered Tosca Lee when she co-wrote with Ted Dekker – one of my favorite authors and the reason why I started to believe that I could possibly write – and I’ve devoured all her books since.

Before I read Progeny, I would have said Demon: a memoir was my favorite of hers. It’s a book I still think about 6 years later…and I’ve given out numerous copies to friends (which also means I no longer have my own copy…(insert sad author face here…you understand, right?).

ACK! I can’t believe I’m about to admit this…
but…even though I’m an author and I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing fellow writers, I still get a little ‘fan-girly’ when it comes to those I’ve read for years and admired. I had one of those moments this week (yes, I’m blushing from embarrassment). I’m part of Tosca’s reader group on Facebook and I sent her a message gushing over how awesome I thought Progeny was and how much I am looking forward to the next book. She was kind enough to respond a few days later where I apologized for my uber-exhuberance (yes, uber is the right word…I’m a little embarrassed still. sigh…)

Back to Tosca and Progeny.
 It’s not your normal read. It’s also not a Christian read (in case you associate Tosca with inspirational fiction). It’s a story that captivated my mind. It took me in a direction I was not expecting and halfway through the book my creative brain literally exploded with possibilities for her world. It made me wish that I could beg Tosca to let me write with her or in her world (hint to part of my embarrassment here…) and I honestly can not wait for Book 2. I hope that she does more with this world, that she expands on it, releases short stories, doesn’t stop at book 2 or 3 or even 4…

“A fast-paced thriller for fans of Lee’s Books of Mortals series with Ted Dekker, Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code, and BBC America’s hit series Orphan Black.” (I love Orphan Black btw!)

Bottom line…take a look at the book. Read the blurb, take a peak at the reviews and see why so many others have loved this story and then take a chance and buy a copy for yourself!  Once you’ve read it – comment below and let me know your thoughts! I’d love to talk about it, compare notes, fan-girl a little if we can…cause I promise you, if you don’t already love Tosca Lee, you soon will!

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