How is your TBR pile looking? If you haven’t heard of Megan Chance, I can guarantee you’ll be adding her to your list and wanting to dive into her books – especially Bone River

A little background on Megan…

Megan Chance is the critically acclaimed, award-winning author of several novels. Her novel Bone River was an Amazon Book of the Month, The Spiritualist was chosen as one of Borders Original Voices, and An Inconvenient Wife was a Booksense pick.

Critics love the work of Megan Chance. The Best Reviews says she writes “Fascinating historical fiction.” “Provocative and haunting,” says Booklist. “Stellar characterization, terrific dialogue,” praises Publishers Weekly. “Impossible to stop reading,” raves the Seattle Times.

She is also a popular workshop speaker whose speaking credits include the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, Romance Writers of America National Conference, Edmonds Write on the Sound Conference, the Seattle Assistance League, Timberland Regional Libraries, and many others.

In addition to her historical fiction novels, Chance is the author of the young adult Fianna Trilogy, short stories, and eight historical romance novels. Her novels have been translated into several different languages.

Chance was born in Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Washington State as a girl. She is a former television news photographer with a BA in Broadcast Communications from Western Washington University. Megan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two daughters


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Penniless and disgraced, Adelaide Wentworth is feeling rather desperate. With nothing left to lose, she and her sister, Louisa, flee to Lake Geneva with Adelaide’s lover, the infamous poet Julian Estes. There, Louisa hopes to persuade Bayard Sonnier—celebrated writer and her former lover—to advance Julian’s career. He is their last hope for salvation.

At the Villa Diodati—the place that inspired the writing of Frankenstein sixty years earlier—Louisa plots to rekindle her affair with Bayard, while Adelaide hopes to restore her fading love for Julian by being the muse he needs.

But soon, secrets are revealed, passions ignited, and hidden talents discovered. Adelaide begins to imagine a different life. Confused, she turns to Giovanni Calina—Bayard’s assistant and a man with his own secrets and deep resentments—and the two form a dangerous alliance. No one leaves unscathed in this richly imagined, emotionally nuanced tale of passion, ambition, inspiration, and redemption.


Say you have a secret stash of treats around the house. Where would it be and what would you hide?

Cadbury mini eggs. I usually buy 4-5 bags around Easter and then hide them away to savor slowly. But I can’t tell you where I stash them. My family is undoubtedly going to read this post, and it’s taken me years to find a place they haven’t discovered.

What would be the perfect food and drink pairing for your book?

Either wine (red is preferred) and melted Vacherin, or Blanquette de Veau and Strawberry Tart.

Do you collect anything?

Not really—except books, and that’s not deliberate; it’s just how I spend my time and my money. My daughter once asked me if I’d read all the books in my bookshelves and when I answered yes, she asked, “What happens to them when you die?” I answered: “That’s your problem.”

What’s one word your friends would use to describe you?

Stubborn. My husband likes to say I’m as stubborn as my mother on a mule. Which is pretty much true.

Tell us one secret behind the writing of your latest book:

This book has been in the works for a long time—since I was 13, and first read about the summer that Mary and Percy Shelley spent with Byron on the shores of Lake Geneva. The weather was bad, and they read ghost stories at night, and decided to hold a contest to see who could write the best one. This is how Frankenstein was conceived. That summer—and Byron especially—became an obsession of mine, and I’ve been spinning out ways to tell that story since. A Drop of Ink, is the culmination of many years of thought and research.





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