I always look forward to that moment when I’ve been able to close my laptop, step away from edits and pick up a book I’ve been waiting to dive into.

In Her Bones by Kate Moretti is one of those books. Have you read it? I love Kate’s books, I’m a huge fan, so it was a no brainer for me to pick up her latest without even reading the description. Here’s a few things about me I haven’t admitted to yet:

  1. I LOVE that I have auto-buy authors on my list.
  2. I sometimes don’t read the description so that I’m not tempted to drop everything and start reading.
  3. I keep a folder on my Kindle that is called “Treat Books”. Yes, this one was in that folder.

Here’s one simple reason why I loved this book so much. The book focused on a daughter of a serial killer, and I didn’t see the ending coming! There are some books that I like to read for simple pleasure. I shut off that part of my brain that wants to figure things out, to guess all the twists and turns and simply read for the pleasure of it.

*side note: when watching a tv show or movie with my husband, he ALWAYS guesses the twists.
I have to sometimes ask him to keep his thoughts to himself so I can just enjoy the storytelling*

This was one of those stories when I knew to keep my eyes open, to notice everything the author laid down and yet I was still caught off guard. That made me smile, one of those big-whoppers-of-a-smile kind at the twist.

You should know by now in my reviews, I don’t retell the plot or give things away. Instead, my goal is to tease you enough that you’ll want to look at the book and be tempted to read it. Did it work? Have I tempted you enough?

In Her Bones is a twisted tale that will lead you down a rabbit hole and snare you with temptations of a subtly seductive nature. Get ready and enjoy!

On a side note…here are some other books I thought you might enjoy this holiday season…have you read them? What did you think?