You know when you read a book and there’s a little giggle inside of you when you finish it…a giggle that has nothing to do with how ‘funny’ the book was but how delicious of a read it was…even when there’s death involved? (and if you say, no, you have no idea…then I guess that means I’m a little whacked…)

Every Single Secret by Emily Carpenter gave me that giggle and that chill I have a feeling she was going for.

The writing is delicious…you don’t skip over the words, you spend your time with the scenes, looking for all the little clues you know she’s left and realizing you probably haven’t found half of them. Throughout the book I kept repeating to myself…”break the mirror” even though I didn’t have a clue what it meant, but it was so good, it stayed with me as I turned every page.

Now, you know by now I’m not a spoiler kind of reader. Nor am I the type to replay everything that happens in the book. I prefer to share with you how I felt reading it…and reading Every Single Secret filled all those places I was looking for in a book. There was mystery and relationships and miscommunication and fear. There was questions and information and challenges and even periods of frustration.

Was the story believable? For sure. Will I go on a couples retreat without doing my own due diligence – not on your life!

Emily Carpenter writes within a place of fear – acutely aware of placing her readers in the precise locations they need to be in order to fully experience her books. I have always been a fan and even more so now.

Do I think you should read it? Absolutely! Order it today and be prepared…

Order it today!