In two weeks my latest novel, The Forgotten Ones will be out for everyone to read! I’m so excited! So far, readers in the UK and AU and I know you will love it too. Between now and it’s release, I’m going to be writing a few blog posts giving you some behind the scenes looks, for instance…secrets behind the setting and locations you’ll find in the book.

We all love excerpts, right? I know I do – especially when I’m eagerly waiting for a book to come out! (for instance, I read everything from Lisa Marie Moning on her latest Fever book which was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!) I can’t believe this series started in 2006! I’m so hooked I have the ebooks, print and hard copy books! Does anyone else do that? Please tell me I’m not the only #bookaholic here… BTW…her first book in the series is $3.99 if you want to get started, but I’ll warn you, be prepared to get addicted!

For now…enjoy this excerpt

The Forgotten Ones…let me introduce you to Elle…

I used to believe wishes were like fairy tales: all you had to do was make one, and your happily ever after would come true. I grew up in a world where teapots talked, fishes sang, and a click of my heels could take me anywhere I wanted.

I don’t believe that anymore.

I was six when the Cheshire Cat became scary, a bringer of nightmares; eight when I feared the Beast’s transformation; twelve when I understood my mother had more in common with Maleficent than I had with Aurora.

It wasn’t that she was evil. On her good days, she’d call me “Lizzie” and she was Glinda the Good Witch. Full of sunshine and rainbows. We could do anything and everything together. Most days, she was like that—happy, cheerful, and bright.

But every so often, there were periods of darkness. She’d beg for my forgiveness. When she couldn’t get out of bed, when the slightest touch sent shards of pain through her body, and the faintest of whispers rang like bells within her head.

There were no stories on those days. No tea parties among the wildflowers, no backyard games or lazy hours spent on the tire swing.

I never knew when those days would come, but even as a child I watched for the signs.

Still, as an adult, I watch for the signs.

I hope you enjoyed that little look! Remember, The Forgotten Ones comes out April 1st!