In just a little over a month, I’m headed to Amsterdam for my first ever Reader Trip. It’s an all-inclusive 8 day river cruise with Scenic touring the Christmas Markets in from Holland to Switzerland.

It’s going to be amazing! My husband and youngest daughter will be joining me and we’re going to go a little early so we can spend time with my middle daughter (my oldest will be holding the fort and taking care of the pups…she’s more than happy being a home body and not traveling the world…lol)

I’m about to mail out a special packet to everyone who is coming and it got me thinking…I still have no idea where we’re taking our next trip!

I would love to do this again and have more of you (my readers) join me…what do you say? Are you interested? Where would you want to go? Help me think of where so I can get something in the works!

Locations that have come up are: Hawaii, Under the Tuscan Sun in Italy, A Chocolate Tour in Belgium, Sharing our love of Disney, Exploring the Rockies….

Do any of those strike an interest? Have another idea? Comment below so we can start discussing where we could head!

Oh…and It’s been 10 days since the launch of The Patient.

Have you had the chance to download it yet? It’s free for Prime members in US and UK (for a limited time) and free for those who are Kindle Unlimited members in Canada! Or…it’s $4.99 for the ebook and only $1.99 for the audio too!

If you have read/listened to The Patient…could you please leave a review? That helps me as an author is so many ways! Thank you!