The kids are finally back in school which means my house is finally quiet – albeit a bit messy. The fireplace is going, the coffee is on and I’m all alone. You understand the feeling, right? Christmas vacation has been wonderful, but with this cold snap we’ve had, being cooped up in the house while I’m on a deadline hasn’t been all that ‘fun’.

We’ve done a lot of baking over the holidays – from sugar cookies to pies to ‘experiments’ and more…but every time my youngest has wanted to make chocolate chip cookies, we’ve been out of them and I keep forgetting to pick some up. Well … imagine my surprise when I located a LARGE bag full of chocolate chips hidden in my pantry (I swear, I had no idea).

I love chocolate chip cookies. They are probably my second most favorite cookies of all time. My kids – they’ll gobble them up like candy. To celebrate the fact they survived their first day back to school (I’m sure they were exhausted since there have been lots of late nights lately), I thought I’d make a batch of fresh cookies just for them.

Of course, I will have to try a few to make sure they’re passable…it’s my motherly duty.  Right? Please tell me I’m right!

simple choc chip cookies