Wine, books, relationships…it’s what most book clubs are based on, right? Toss in a popular book that deals with BDSM and you could be in for a really interesting evening.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when my husband and I went to see an advanced screening of The Book Club.

I was prepared to watch a movie were a book club reads Fifty Shades of Grey and then became more adventurous in their relationships, learning more about themselves and their partners. I was ready for some great characterizations, some cute moments and an overall chick flick (which I rarely watch…but this was a book club movie, so how could I not!)

Sure, the book club reads the books and kind of talks about it during their monthly get togethers, but the movie is more focused on relationships or lack of them. There’s a 40+ marriage that has lost their footing. There’s a high powered woman who has focused on her career following a divorce. There’s a widow who’s children treat her like an invalid and gets swept off her feet by the movie version of Christian Gray and there’s successful business woman who uses and abuses the men in her life and is shaken when the ‘only man’ she’s ever loved comes back into her life.

Here’s what I didn’t like about the movie:

  • I wish the movie had been longer.
  • I wish they’d gone deeper into some of the characters.
  • I wanted to slap a few characters for how they treated their mom. Maybe it’s because I’m now over 40 and I realize women in their 60’s still have a life (this was a really stupid plot IMO).
  • some really interesting issues that cropped up were brushed aside (if the movie had been a little longer this would have been dealt with).

What I liked:

  • It reminded me of my own group of friends. We don’t have a book club – but we are all authors and get together monthly and we talk before we write and I love them like sisters.
  • there were some huge ‘come-to-Jesus’ moments between these friends when honest words were spoken and no one freaked out – like a real friendship.
  • there was more depth than I expected – which was a good thing.
  • the ‘Christian Grey’ of this movie wasn’t over the top, he was down to earth and his riches were realistic and explainable. While some things seemed out of context, it was still cute.
  • that said – it was a cute movie with a lot of laughable moments and real moments that as women, we can relate to.
  • E.L James had a cameo and it was really cute! (I know I’m using this word a lot but it’s the first word that came to my mind when trying to describe this movie).

Do I recommend this movie?

If you are a reader, have a group of girlfriends…then yes. You’re going to enjoy this movie. In fact, if you’re not in a book club, you’re probably going to want to be in one. I sent a group text to mine and we realized it’s been a while since we’ve gone away as friends and it’s time we do so. Just don’t go thinking your sex life is about to get a jolt…(not saying this is what I was hoping for…but it was a cute date night movie).