Note: this message is for those who are part of my Secret Society. If you aren’t but want to be…read further because I would LOVE for you to join!secret-society3

Hello group members! I’ve decided it’s time to open our group membership up a bit by changing our group from a “secret” group to a “closed” group on Facebook. I realize this may cause you some concern, but it’s not going to change anything about our group except for allowing potential group members to find our group easier.

Q: Will our group still be private?

A: Yes, our group will still be a private group. People who would like to join must still request an invitation. All of the group posts, comments, likes, photos and activities will still be completely private and visible only to other members of the group.

Q: What’s the difference between a closed group and a secret group?

A: Secret groups are completely invisible on Facebook; there’s no way to preview what the group is about or even know about it. A closed group is still private (remember, only members can see what other members are posting) but the group name, description and members are visible on Facebook.

Q: Will my Facebook friends see what I’m posting in the group?

A: Nope, your postings are still for group members only. The only change to your profile will be that Steena’s Secret Society will now be listed as one of your groups. That’s it!

Q: Why are you making the change?

A: I enjoy the love and support you guys give to me and to each other and want more people to be able to join. By having a closed group instead of a secret group, people who are searching on Facebook for groups that share their interests (in our case, reading, books and friendship!) will be able to discover our loving group. I’m hoping that we will be able to bring some new friends into the fold.

Q: How can I get involved in the new group?

A: If you’re already a member of the Secret Society, you won’t have to do anything, you’ll still be a member! If you aren’t a member of our Secret Society yet, here’s what you can do to join>>