I like Ellen. No, I take that back.

I freakin’ love Ellen. I think she’s amazing, such a wonderful heart, soul, spirit…she’s gorgeous too. In my world, Ellen can do no wrong…until today.

I hit my word count today on a project and took a break to catch Ellen’s show today (February 9/17). Nicole Kidman was on there and she admitted her cute husband didn’t call her back after they first met for 4 months. 4 months…what was wrong with that man! (you should have heard the gasps in the crowd)

During one of her fun contests she made a comment that caught me off guard. So off guard that I had to watch and rewatch over and over again (I wish I’d taped it..my bad).

People don’t read anyone.

Say what!!

She couldn’t have meant that. I mean…come on. Ellen reads. She reads a lot, right? She’s even an author (now that I think about it, maybe her sales are down which is why she says people don’t read). But, I KNOW people read.

I read. A lot.

You read too. I know cause you’re here reading this and you might have read one of my own books.

In fact, I know people read because on Friday I host #fridayreads in 2 different groups on Facebook and I get hundreds of book recommendations on that day alone…not to mention all the other days when we talk about our favorite books and authors.

Those groups, in case you’re interested are Readers Coffeehouse and my own reader group, not to mention Great Thoughts Great Readers group too which hosts a #fridayreads!

Ellen. Dear sweet wonderful Ellen. Please take that comment back. People do still reads. Look at Goodreads…that site is loaded with fabulous readers. Check out #bookstagram on Instagram. People are reading in droves – whether it’s an ebook, paper copy, hard copy or audio.

I still love you Ellen. I still think you’re amazing. But girl…d’em are fightin’ words….