There’s a soft side to me that loves sweet romances and because of that – and that is why I’ve decided to create the Love So Sweet series. There’s something about lost loves, true love, sweet surrender and soul mates that touches our hearts…and when you add in chocolate, well…can it really get any better?


Sweet Return is the story of soul mates and lost love and was originally published under the Invitation to Eden series under the title Return to Sender. What makes this one so different? It has a bonus chapters included that you might not have read before, but one I hope you’ll enjoy called Sweet Retreat.

I also need your help! 

Melanie and Jessica Summers have their own love stories to tell but one sister has gone missing and it’s up to the other to go find her.  Help me decide the next story to write!

Do you want to read about Jessica Summers who met the love of her life (or so she believes) in Europe and now refuses to come home or tell anyone where she is or Melanie Summers who hops on a plane to find her and ends up finding love herself? Vote now!

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