Normally you’d expect to read  post like this at the beginning of summer…right? Vacation reading when we’re heading into fall and our kids are back to school?

Things are beyond normal in my house right now. I had a deadline this summer and so our family vacation was postponed until I could hand in my book…which I have done, so we’re starting to get ready to head off for our two weeks of relaxation on a beach. (Keep an eye on my Instagram account where I’ll be posting images of those said toes in the sand…lol) Suitcases are out, clothes are being selected and then washed, school excusal notes and homework lists are going out this week and then a trip to the bookstore – yes, you read that right – to the bookstore for my children to pick out a book to take with them!

I’m however, loading up my kindle with some great reads. I can’t wait to dig my toes into the sand and start these books (you might notice a slight theme here…these are books I can completely get lost in):



Have you picked up any of these to read? What did you think?