READER PROBLEM #104: Too many books…not enough time!

Ever feel like your kindle, bedside table Screenshot 2014-05-30 12.45.15or however else you read, is about to explode with all those stories you can’t wait to dive into? I have so many piles of books – in my office, by my bed, on my bookshelf – all waiting to be read. But, I’m such an avid reader – that I can never have too many. Right?

Do you like the tshirt? This is totally one of my Reader Problems! What’s yours? Who knows, you might see it made into a tshirt!

Here are some latest releases that I picked up and have added to my reading list. Have you read any of these? (NOTE: some of these are FREE right now, but I can not guarantee they will stay that way throughout the month).


SSS Recommended Reads


The following are books those in my Secret Society have enjoyed and thought you all might as well! Let me know if you do!

Recommended by Shaila

Recommended by Cathy

Recommended by Vivian

Recommended by Amy