For the past month, I’ve been reading one author exclusively. I first found her by needing to read something ‘different’. I’m an eclectic reader and couldn’t decide what I was in the mood for so I began to scroll through Amazon until I came across a free book in the paranormal romance genre.

What I love about free books – especially when it’s the first book in a series that is free – is that it allows you to ‘sample’ an author and see if you like their voice. Well…I fell in love with this author’s voice. So much so that even before I immediately bought book two in the middle of the morning (it was one of those books – you know what I’m talking about – the one that keeps you up way past your bedtime until your spouse is getting up for work and asking why you’re still reading.

Yep. One of those books.

I finished her series while on my cruise and then as soon as I came home, I searched for her on Amazon to see what else she wrote. Yep. Now I’m almost done that series and I’m dreading reaching the end.

Are you wondering what author I’m talking about? If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention her. Elizabeth Hunter.

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There’s a few reasons why I fell in love with her voice and the story lines. Whether it’s a series on vampires or fallen angels (Irin Chronicles), Elizabeth has a way of bringing the story, the scenes to life with her words. The way she describes Rome, Istanbul or any other location in the stories – they come alive. I saw them and couldn’t wait to see them (I’ve actually visited a few of the cities while reading the stories and OMG…amazing). The characters are broken and heroic with an element of desire about their personality we are drawn to.

I think I’ll finish the last book in the Irin Chronicles tonight and then I’ll be touring for a day … you might catch me on Facebook asking for some book recommendations, because I’m going to need them…