Let’s talk about The Storyteller.

Was it as hard for you as it was for me to stop at the 100 page mark? Normally I like to devour books like this … but I’ve got to admit – this is making me really enjoy the book so far. In honor of this book, I happened upon a recipe for Chocolate Cinnamon buns – a recipe from Jodi for this book. Here’s the recipe and the delicious buns!

First – what do you think of the prologue? Do you like how that story is woven in so subtle? I wasn’t sure the time period at first – it almost reads like old world, but then it could be before the war as well.

Okay – Sage. Love her? Hate her? Not understanding her? Pity her? What are your thoughts and feelings? I love that she’s a baker and that she uses it to hide. What is she hiding from? Are her scars that horrendous? To me, no. But the emotional scars must add to it. And what about her love affair with the dude from the funeral home? This story line is interesting to me. For one – I used to work in a funeral home so as these scenes are described, I can see it. But then there is the guy Sage is sleeping with. Why does she not have a problem showing him her scars? Is it because of her actions with him? Her forbidden love? What do you think of that storyline? Do you like it? Hate it? I wonder if, by the end of the story, if we will go back and think that it was necessary or if it could have been cut.

Josef Weber. We all know men like him. We all remember them fondly and think “what a nice old man”. Right? I have to say, I love this character. I love how deep he is, how many layers there are to him. I can’t wait to find out more. Was he in the SS? Should he be someone we should despise and hate for taking part of those crimes? Did he have a choice? Regrets? Is he lying?

What do you think of the idea that (if he was in the SS) he is asking the granddaughter of a Jew who was in the camps for aid in dying? Is he seeking forgiveness?

Also – what about the face of Jesus in the bread? Why is this so important to the storyline? And why did Sage throw it out? That didn’t make sense to me at all!

Can’t wait to discuss this with you all 🙂 I have a special treat for everyone who is doing this book club with me. As you comment, I’ll be sending you an email asking for your mailing address…curious yet?