I’m very excited to start my book tour for The Forgotten Ones in Canada!

My goal has always been to find readers, to meet them in person, to say thank you for reading my books and to grow my Canadian readership. When I mentioned this to my new publicist, he took me at my word and booked a tour that leaves me breathless!

I know you might not understand this, but when a reader comes up to my table at a bookstore and 1) stops because they came specifically to say hi or 2) they recognized my name and have read my books…it always blows me away! I’m a simple small town Ontario girl who never believed I was creative enough to write books others would want to read…and even though that’s no longer the case, in my heart, that’s still who I am.

i wish I could meet everyone in person. I wish I could shake your hand, give you a hug and tell you personally just how much it means to me that you picked up my book and read it! I hope some one you will be able to join me at a local bookstore if I’m in your area…because I promise I will give you that hug and say thank you! I also wish I could make it to every province, but maybe next time!

Below is my complete list…please take a look and if you are in the area, leave a comment so I know to expect you 🙂