IndieLife7I’m a lover of collaborations of any kind. Wether it’s in a boxed set with other fabulous authors and you hit the USA Today Bestselling list, joining with another author to write a novel together or joining forces with 27 other amazing authors to form a new series.

It’s all awesome and exciting and life changing. Seriously.

When you collaborate with another author, you’re pooling your talents and resources that will enhance the writing/publishing experience. I’ve had the pleasure of two main collaborations in the past and I’m about to embark on a new one.

I joined forces with some fabulous authors to do a boxed set – which hit USA Today.
I co-wrote a novel with a friend and it’s been such a success that we’re going to do more in this series. Check it out.
I’m joining with 27 rockin’ romance authors (these authors are all on my fav list and I am still pinching myself that I’m included in this group) to do an amazing series.(more details to come)

I’m excited about these ventures. The possibilities are endless of where we can go and I’m growing as a writer and publisher at the same time. I’m learning a lot from these amazing women and if I’m smart, I’ll use this in my own publishing journey. But not only that, I’m forging new friendships and developing relationships that I only dreamed about before.

Have you collaborated with another indie friend or group? How has it been? Would you do it again?