There is nothing more daunting than sending the novel you’ve been writing into the world. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first novel or your tenth. Trust me!

Once, I thought writing a novel was the hardest thing ever. But I was wrong. It’s the proposal that’s hard. Harder than the novel. Harder than the query. Harder than this post (which really isn’t hard at all).

You’ve written the novel. You’ve shopped it to agents. Now it’s time to sell it to an editor and all those dreams you’ve placed on your novel are at the mercy of ten to twenty pages.

Jerry B Jenkins wrote a post on this and it’s everything you’ve wanted/needed/wished for.

I could give you advice – but why not take it from the real professional – a man who has written so many novels, hit the Bestsellers list numerous times…an author I’ve read and followed for years.

If you’re about to write a proposal, if you’re wondering HOW to write a proposal – this is the link you need to click