It’s week three and Nine Days till Christmas. Can you believe it?

I have no christmas baking in the house. None. Zippo. Nada. Why? My children keep eating it. LOL

Thank you to all those who participated last week – it was an awesome prize and I’m so thrilled to state that Shadow Kohler won! Shadow – please send me an email at so we can grab your address and mail out the awesome basket of goodies you won!

Week three is epic. Awesome prize pack valued at $75 – but it’s a secret and you’ll have to wait to see what you win! Again – just share your recipes to win!

I learned early on that one way to my husband’s heart was with cookies. He’s not a sweet guy (which is great since it means more chocolate for me) but when it comes to warm cookies…he can’t keep his hands off. Funny story – when we first met, my car was having issues and he took a look at it and fixed it for me. My way of thanking him (since he had a girlfriend at the time) was to bake him some chocolate chip cookies. The moment he bit into one – well…the rest is history πŸ™‚

My sister-in-law shared this recipe with me when I was first married. Every time I make these cookies, my husband tends to stand over my shoulder with a spoon and eat the mixture right out of the pot. If I do manage to get some on the parchment paper, he eats those too while they are still warm. I will admit – I tend to wait till he’s home before I make them since I know they are a weak spot. And I may (ahem) have made some in hopes to divert his attention when I had bad news to share in the past. HAHAHA (shhh…that’s our secret).

no bake choc haystacks


Now it’s your turn! Share your favorite “NO BAKE” recipe in the comments below Β πŸ™‚ When you share (or tag me on FB with a recipe or on Pinterest) you’re entered to win…and this week’s prize basket is AWESOME!