Are you a #travelholic like me who is constantly dreaming of vacations to Europe, of taking chocolate tours, of walking the streets of history, of drinking authentic coffee and pastries and seeing the amazing sights?

I’m in the middle of planning another trip to Europe this year where I’ll be traveling from London to Rome and I’m constantly searching various websites, taking notes, buying trip guides…and then I came across this site. Route Perfect.

Screenshot 2015-02-05 11.59.17

I must warn you in advance…you will spend a lot of time on this site. Not only do they have suggested itineraries based on the days you have to tour, but they offer suggestions on sites to see, hotels to stay, even transportation ideas. It’s a little addicting if I’m being honest.

Where do you want to go? Italy? Germany? UK? France? The site is quite easy to use. Just put in where you’d like to go, how many days you have to travel and voila…you can start to play with your itinerary or even pick from one of their many suggested itineraries depending on where you want to go. If you’d like, you can even book your hotel through them, but this part I like to do on my own. Did I mention I have a note book full of notes for my trip? I have about 25 pages full right now of places to visit, hotels to check out and possibly book, different train schedules…

I won’t use Route Perfect to plan my trip – but then, they say ‘explore Europe YOUR way!’ and that’s what I’ll use them for…to explore and help me decide what I want to do!

Check it out! Even if you’re not planning a trip this year or even next year…you can always dream!