When you’re surrounded by bakers, it’s hard for a child to NOT want to bake.

In my house, my daughter’s all love to experiment with recipes and they’re constantly asking if they can whip up a dessert or bake some special cookies. Right now, cookies are our favorite – especially chocolate chip cookies.

In Emma’s Secret, I have a special scene where Megan is baking with Emma. Megan loves being able to do these things with Emma, it helps to bond them together, but for Emma, it’s so much more than that. Emma used to bake and cook all the time with Dottie, so it holds special memories for her.

Try these cookies…you’ll love them! To make different flavors, feel free to experiment, like in Emma’s Secret. Instead of chocolate chips, add M&M’s or Smarties, mix raisins and cinnamon, or oatmeal or coconut…no matter what variation you make, you’ll find this recipe so easy and delicious, you’ll make them over and over and over again – mainly because they won’t last long!

Emmas Cookie Recipe