Ice CreamThere is nothing I love more than homemade ice cream. Maybe it’s the smooth texture, the creaminess – or maybe it’s that I know exactly what is in my ice cream. Either way… the day I bought a small ice cream maker was the smartest day in the history of summer days in this household
I honestly never knew how easy it was to make ice cream. Go figure. There are so many recipes out there – but I’m going to share with you a new one I found from the Mast Brother’s Chocolate Cookbook (my fav go to recipe book right now for all things chocolate).


Whole Milk   4 cups
Heavy Cream   1 cup
Sugar   3/4 cup
Egg Yolks   10
Dark Chocolate   12 ounces, chopped


1. Combine milk & cream into saucepan and bring to a boil. (and yes…not just a slow boil, but a rolling one)2. In a medium bowl, combine sugar, egg yolks (all 10 of them) and whip until fluffly. (thank goodness I have a kitchen aid mixer for this! although….I do need to work my arm muscles…nah…use the mixer)

3. Combine both mixtures and heat to 180 fahrenheit. (and yes, this means on the stove…in that saucepan)

4. Add chocolate and stir until fully mixed. Then let it cool. (and really…let it cool. It’s worth it.)

5. Churn according to your ice cream maker instructions. (mine has to go into the freezer)