London is a beautiful city full of people so willing to offer a lending hand – whether it’s to call a cab, find directions or help you if you’ve fallen (not that I have … but I’m just sayin….). It’s hard to find anything not to like about this city! Everywhere you go, there is something new to see, smell, hear and even taste. There is a grandeur that is hard to accept with a humbleness you want to embrace.

I am very thankful for such a wonderful traveling companion too! I still have yet to figure out the underground – I swear I’d be taking the district line every time I should take the circle and vice versa if she wasn’t here with it. This sure ain’t Calgary – I’m just sayin!

We visited the Tower of London and walked across the Tower Bridge. I loved it. 

I took my time to enjoy the sites, to feel the wind in my hair and gaze around me so I didn’t miss a single thing. (or you could say it was difficult to walk and I felt like an old woman hobbling about … but my original sentence sounds better!)

We even visited the Shard. I think I must have been their fastest visitor yet – we went up the 69 flights, I quickly walked around and promptly went back down the 69 flights while my friend stayed up there for over an hour enjoying the view. I can’t do heights. I can’t do 4 flights let alone 69. Who was I kidding!

Tomorrow we leave for Paris – the land of pain au chocolat! I can’t wait! I’ve purposely tried not to enjoy too many sweets while in London because I wanted to save it all up for Paris and Brugge. Plus I’m hoping the 5-8 hours of walking will help work off all the yummy stuff I’m about to enjoy (I realize I’m dreaming…but please don’t wake me up).