I’m a little saddened to say goodbye to this city with so much character.

Oh, who am I kidding. It’s the pain au chocolat and fresh butter croissants I don’t want to say goodbye to!

Instead of doing more sight seeing and/or traveling outside the city to Versailles, it was decided we’d stay close at hand. It also helped that my friend who is with me was sick. So while she rested I walked and walked I did. Little excursion here and there. First it was to find a chocolate croissant and luggage (my cheap luggage broke…which was okay because I didn’t really like it and I LOVE an excuse to go shopping).

Next it was to go to this place. Odette.

My sweet heaven on earth. Located just around the corner from where I’m staying – literally a one minute walk. I wasn’t able to make it to Angelina for their drinking chocolate, but I can’t imagine it would be any better than what I was served here (okay, it might be since I hear they serve cream or whipped cream with it). And the cream puffs….I made myself only buy one (at a time) to ensure I enjoyed ever single bite. And I promise you – I did.

All day I walked down little streets where the best shops and cafes seem to be. Some areas were full of cafes and restaurants where people would stand in the doorways and call out to you, hoping to entice you to come in and enjoy their food. Others had the cutest shops with gift items or clothing (I’ll admit I got sucked in with the clothes and bought quite a few shirts/sweaters today…but no regrets).

I ventured past Notre Dame to the other side to see what I could find and low and behold – I discovered a cupcake place I wanted to find! I won’t share the name since sadly, I took one bite and tossed the cupcake. But they did have pretty displays!

What I loved most about Paris was listening to the bells of Notre Dame and enjoying a fresh baked croissant. Not a bad memory, if I do say so myself!

Tomorrow … oh, tomorrow … now that’s what I’ve been looking forward to the most! Brugge…the town with 50 chocolate shops…my idea of sweet heaven!