First off … it’s important to wear good socks while walking throughout the delightful streets of London. Trust me! And if you don’t – invest in a pair of compression socks … they will save your feet for the next day when you decide to go to Portobello Market and spend almost 4 hours walking on cobbled streets and on a continual angle!

Despite the feet and sore ankles – today was amazing and awesome and if I had to leave tomorrow – I would be thoroughly pleased with my short stay in this city. All because of Portobello Market.

DSCN0436Maybe it was the sights – the narrow streets, the tall and multicolored buildings. It might have been all the accents and languages I heard. And it might even have been the smells – the waffles, crepes, curry, fruit … the chocolate … ๐Ÿ™‚ OR … it was possible the vendors – from the delightful smiles, to their knowledgable stories…either way – I fell in love today ๐Ÿ™‚ I love markets – whether their in a small town, a large city or by the beach … I’ve always loved meandering through the stalls, enjoying all the sites – taking it all in!

I found some finds today … antique spoons, a paddington bear drawing that I’ll add to my office (when I get one) and some antique books – Alice in Wonderland. I enjoyed a cupcake from the Hummingbird Cafe – a shop I had on my list to visit and experience (and yes, it was amazing!). I was in my happy place and would highly recommend this market!

IMG_1293ย DSCN0457

This evening we went to The Phantom of the Opera and then walked through Piccadilly … the perfect ending to a perfect day. Oh … and we stopped by a cafe with a wonderful cake made out of chocolate … I’d love to sample that! LOLIMG_1312