I’m finally here! It feels like I’ve been planning this trip for a long time – ever since I was asked to speak on a panel at the #LBF13 (London Book Fair 2013) before Christmas.

I wasn’t really looking forward to my flight here … I left Calgary at 3pm and didn’t arrive in London until 11 am the following day (that includes the time change). I had a layover in Toronto and much to my surprise – the plane was overbooked and the business section was empty … so guess who got to travel first class? Yep! Oh boy … now this is service I could get used to! Champagne the moment I sit down, beef tenderloin for dinner (although…eating at 11:30pm really isn’t that great of an idea – especially when there’s lots of turbulence). I had a great sleep since I could lie down and woke up to watch a gorgeous sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean. Really – a beautiful start to my trip!

Sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean

Sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean

I met up with a girlfriend (Laurie) who is traveling with me here in London. She loves this city and I’m glad she came with me … I realize the Underground probably isn’t all that difficult, but it is to this girl! We’ve been on it 4 times all ready today and I promise you – if I had to do it myself, I’d be getting lost. Big time.

After getting settled in our hotel in Notting Hill (yes, the same area as that movie…) we went on a walk to Kensington Park. We walked down Palace Lane or something where there were a lot of embassies and armed guards (with BIG guns) and signs all over the place that photographs were not allowed. Bummer since they were beautiful homes. I had a secret wish that we’d see Prince Will and Kate out for a walk … hasn’t happened yet, but you never know 🙂 We toured Kensington Palace (or Home) and I took so many photos. WOW – the gold, the history, the grandeur … amazing. Simply amazing.
2013-04-12 07.40.472013-04-12 07.39.492013-04-12 08.09.272013-04-12 07.43.55

Another amazing thing .. I have not had chocolate yet! All those chocolate shops I planned to visit, the ones I put on a map … yep, not happening … yet. I think I’m too tired to want chocolate (boy that hurt to admit!).

We treated ourselves to High Tea at the Ritz. WOW – talk about making an impression! Women were dressed to the nines, men wore tuxes, there was a pianist who played songs from My Fair Lady (LOVE that movie)…and the sandwiches were pretty tasty too 🙂 LOL

2013-04-12 19.47.37   2013-04-12 19.41.34

I hope you enjoy some photos I took 🙂  Come back tomorrow … we’re heading to the market and then Phantom of the Opera 🙂