Here in Canada, it’s our May long-weekend. In a few weeks I’m finally getting my yard landscaped (we’ve lived in our home for almost 2 yrs now and we have a backyard full of mud and weeds…but not for long!), so while we don’t have a green space to use yet, we do have a fabulous deck to start up a new family tradition!

Last year we began weekly family bbq’s with Melissa and her family. Now, Melissa is more than just my awesome assistant…she’s also my sister-in-law – my husband’s youngest sister. Our husbands are friends, our kids all get along…and doing these family bbq’s are fun. We alternate homes but until this year, our bbq has been stored in the garage and we’ve had to eat inside, even when it’s a gorgeous day out.

But not anymore! Have I ever mentioned my husband is a bit of a handy man? He made us this amazing two-tiered deck last summer that he’ll finish up this year (home projects rarely ever get finished in time, right?) and went out first thing this morning (and when I say first thing, I mean he was there BEFORE the store opened) to buy a new grill.

It’s the long weekend. We’ve got a new grill. We’ve got a deck and furniture to sit on…that means it’s time to start up our weekly bbq’s!

(picture me jumping for joy and my kids groaning about how uncool that is).

I really enjoy these times. It reminds me a lot of when I was growing up. We had barbecues all the time with friends and my aunts and uncles. I loved being surrounded, of hearing the laughter and arguments from the adults, of getting involved in trouble with my cousins, of knowing I wasn’t alone – that I was a part of something. I’ve missed that and having these weekly dinners with family brings that all back for me.

Having traditions within families is important. It doesn’t matter if its making a certain dish for meals or hanging specific ornaments on a tree…they mean something. They carry a weight that you sometimes don’t see until later in life, but it’s there and it’s important.

So bring on the burgers and buns, the chips and macaroni salad…the Holmes/Strutt family bbq season has begun!

*warning…you may see me asking for new recipes for these family meals…*