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Steena Bakes: Whipped Shortbread Cookies

It's ten days to Christmas and I have finally baked my first Christmas cookie. I know, I know...what is wrong with me? I have a lot of excuses for not baking - would you like to hear them? there's no snow on the ground and it feels like October my tree has been up...

Steena Bakes: Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

Steena Bakes: Delicious Cinnamon Rolls

I've a confession to make. Or maybe two. My absolute favorite breakfast is a fresh cup of coffee and a warmed up cinnamon bun smothered with cream cheese icing. In Charmed by Chocolate, Leah makes cinnamon buns (in fact, she makes a lot of cinnamon buns) and they get...

Steena Bakes: Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies

Steena Bakes: Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies

I think we can all agree that I love cookies. And cakes and cupcakes and pies and...well, I like a lot of baked goods. But I'm almost always craving homemade cookies and I'm always on the search for the best melt-in-your-mouth cookies. Throughout the years (because...

Steena Bakes: Chocolate Chip ‘Cloud’ Cookies

Steena Bakes: Chocolate Chip ‘Cloud’ Cookies

I'm not normally a meringue person but my kids are and they are always trying new cookie recipes on me. This one included. Considering there is chocolate and chocolate chips, it's kind of hard to say no, right?     Chocolate Chip 'Cloud' Cookies (as adapted from...

Steena Bakes: Candy Cane Cookies

One of my favorite cookies to make each holiday season are the Candy Cane cookies. Yes, yes, I know I've said in the past that shortbread, sugar cookies, gingerbread etc are my favorite but right now, these are it! Hey, a girl can change her mind, right? I remember my...

Caramel Covered Pretzels…Delicious!

Since coming home from my three week long book trip, my oldest daughter has been baking a lot of treats. As with baking, some things gets tossed in the trash (like burnt caramel popcorn) and some things are devoured before I remember to take a photo and tease everyone...

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf

Today is one of those perfect fall days where I could sip on a pumpkin spice latte and read a book while either sitting in front of my fireplace or curled up in my big comfy chair with a throw over my lap.  I'm about to start reading The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey. I...

Butter Tarts – a Canadian Favorite

Butter Tarts – a Canadian Favorite

Set a plate of homemade pecan butter tarts in front of me and I can promise you they'll be gone in no time. Add a cup of coffee and we'll have the best of conversations where there will be a smile on my face and I'll be licking my fingers from the amazing syrup taste....

Sweet Bakes

Sweet Bakes

Forgive me for bragging on my oldest daughter for a moment please...I just can't seem to resist. I love cakes. I especially love cakes that I don't have to make, cakes that taste amazing and look oh so these ones below. My oldest wants to be a pastry chef...

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