“What is your writing process? How can you work on multiple stories at the same time?” ~ Anonymous

Dear anonymous…

Each author has their own writing process … and it’s something they’ve probably created after agonizing hours of trying to follow all the advice out there on how to write. Some writing in the mornings. Some only at night. Some only when inspiration hits. Some write on one project every other day…it’s all different.

For me, when I’m working on two stories at the same time (like right now), I find that changing my hours, what I write on and my location helps a lot.

For instance: I will work on one story in the morning/afternoon, on my laptop and up in my room (or on my deck, or in my car or at the coffee shop…). Once I’ve hit my word count on that story, I will then move down into my office where I will work on project #2 on my desktop computer.

Changing locations and my computer seems to help a lot.

Another thing I’ve discovered…I make sure that when I walk away from one project, the emotions are different. For instance…I will end on a happy note or after my character makes a sarcastic comment or whisper words of love and then my other project will end on a sad note – where they are crying or angry…two different projects, two different emotions.  This helps to make sure that characters X & Y don’t sound the same to characters Z & A.

This took me over a year and 4 stories to figure out. But it seems to be working – for now 🙂

Hope that helps!