Question: You mentioned your book is due in a matter of days. What is your life like at home right now? Crazy busy or are you cool, calm and collected? ~ anonymous

Great question! Cool, calm and collected I am not!

Let’s see…my children begin school September 1st which means they’re still at home and we’ve still go to tackle the dreaded back to school shopping. I think that alone is a good excuse for things being a little crazy.

My life right now: I feel like I’m grounded in my bedroom where there is a nice breeze, a comfy chair and a little secluded from the noise of a busy household and the noise outside. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t mind being grounded at all 🙂 It’s quiet here, other than the constant clicking of my fingers on the keyboard, which means I’m focused and driven.

The last month, week, days and hours before a book needs to be submitted to their editor is usually chaotic. My last novel I sequestered myself at a hotel so I could finish my novel (The Word Game). This time, things are smoother, the words are flowing more and leaving the house wasn’t quite necessary. Next book…we’ll have to see.

There is an element of exhaustion this last week that I’m learning to be prepared for and my family (thankfully) accept. Meals are either fend for yourself or my husband is on duty, house cleaning is non-existent unless my youngest gets in a snit and ‘can’t stand the mess’ (as she says). My UPS delivery woman mentioned today I look a mess (she’s not only right but she’s a sweetheart and we always have the nicest of chats) and I think my neighbors are starting to laugh when they see me leave the house only to return a few minutes later with a coffee in hand from the local coffee shop (not only do I need a coffee but I need a break).

If I do leave my room, I’m quiet and my husband knows that I’m mulling over a scene in my head and thinking about my characters, my kids don’t mind when I call them my character’s names and I’m a wee bit absentminded.

Let’s not even talk about the cravings! Cinnamon buns, chocolate covered almonds, poutine, ice cream…all things that my stomach isn’t liking lately. Can we say not fun!

Oh…and I probably need to shower 😉