Before we begin, I have 2 housekeeping news:

1. Jill Emery – you’ve won a copy of Summerland! Please let me know what email address I can gift the book to 🙂 Congrats!

2. I’m happy to announce our #bookclub hostess for the month is Natasha Fortune-Price. Natasha will be reading along with me this month and helping to lead the discussions on Friday’s regarding our bookclub selection. I have some openings for November and December, so if you would be interested – let me know. Yes, there are perks, such as a free copy of the book and then a special surprise from me at the end of the month.

Onto the book: have you started Summerland yet? What are your inital thoughts? Do you like the multiple points of view?

I have to say, I’m loving this book! This is my first Elin Hilderbrand book but it for sure won’t be my last. I actually spent over an hour at the bookstore tonight and read through all of her books they had in stock – wow, talk about prolific and awesome stories. It was so hard to choose which book I wanted to read next of hers.

Onto the points of view. I love it. There are some books that take me a bit to get into when there are so many characters (like this one) but in this case, I’m not finding it a challenge at all. Each voice is unique and offers great insight into the story, all the while leaving me wanting to know more. And I love the fact that the town has its own point of view too.

Okay – your turn. What do you think so far? Have you started? Don’t give anything away yet about the story line just in case…