I am VERY excited to be part of a new series that is starting this month! Each month I’ll be showcasing up to 3 books within the Invitation To Eden series. I will warn you – some are on the steamy side…but read the descriptions and don’t be afraid to give a new author a try. You’ll also find me giving away free books from this series each month so stay tuned!

And that first free book comes NOW! I hope you’ll enjoy your introduction to Eden… (warning…there are some steamy parts…)

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What else is on my shelf for this month? Since I’m traveling to Paris, London and then to Charleston, SC this month, I’ll have lots of time to read on the plane (when I’m taking a break from writing my own Eden story…). Here’s what I look forward to reading…



And don’t forget….click on the banner above to read the first book to the Invitation To Eden Series for FREE!