There are days that I want to take away my kids electronics and place them in a bubble where they are completely protected – even though I know that in today’s world, that type of protection isn’t possible. Whether it’s on a game site where my child creates her own village with animals and interacts with others or my teens are texting their friends…feelings can get hut and things will often be said that perhaps shouldn’t.

Cyber-bully. It’s a phrase we didn’t have growing up, but it’s something my kids know more about than I do. It’s one thing to experience it as an adult and as a writer, but it’s another to see it happening to my child.

Just like school shootings are a part of our life now, so is hearing about a child who committed suicide because of being bullied…sad fact, but it’s true.

I recently posted some links on 10 apps that you don’t want your child to have access to. It’s good parenting to be aware of these things. Thankfully, I found 2 apps in my search that I also wanted to tell you about. These are apps every child should have access to, I feel.

  • WeHeartIt – Think Instagram except no one can respond to the images posted. No nasty comments. Just love.
  • StopIt – allows a child to take  screen shot of a photo, text, message etc where they are being harassed and send it to an adult to see.
  • Stop Cyberbullying Guide -providing cyberbullying stats, a quiz and a printable certificate of completion.

Can you recommend any others?