Thank you, Steena, for hosting me today. I’ve been looking forward to having an excuse to consume copious amount of chocolate getting to know your blog readers.

Steena invited me to talk about my life’s passion for this guest post. My first thought was, “But I have so many!”

After some thinking, I decided to share my love of the paranormal, particularly ghost stories. This passion finds its way into almost everything I do. My newly released paranormal mystery, Forever Road, even stars a heroine who sees ghosts.

One reason I love the paranormal is that I enjoy the adrenaline rush of being scared. There’s nothing more life affirming than feeling the hair on the back of my neck standing up, those nervous butterflies stirring in my stomach, and my heart starting to pound. Yep, I am an adrenaline junkie.

I’m also a sucker for a mystery. And there is no greater mystery than the afterlife. Though faith can bring us great comfort, nobody truly knows what happens after death…because we aren’t around to talk about it.

Perhaps we create the idea of ghosts to give ourselves a sense of security. “This is what happens after we die. We become ghosts who haunt people.” But we can never really know.

More than anything, I am enthralled by the concept of a secret, unseen dimension. The idea of seeing things not everybody sees, of knowing something not everybody knows, curls my toes just like good chocolate.

Here my favorite ways to indulge my paranormal passion:

  • Any time we plan a vacation, I scout “haunted” locations and make a point to visit at least one. If a ghost tour is available and feasible, I take it.
  • I watch paranormal reality TV when I have free time. My all time favorite is Celebrity Ghost Stories. I love this show because it has the feel of sitting down to coffee and chocolate with a friend and trading spooky stories.
  • Reading books about ghosts. A few of my favorites are Heart Shaped Box, The Restorer, The Shining, and The Turn of the Screw.
  • Writing about ghosts. It’s an element I visit again and again in my fiction. I can’t seem to help myself.

If you’re interested in the kind of novel a weirdo like me would write, please check out Forever Road, my new paranormal mystery.

Meanwhile, do you have a ghost story to share? Or a favorite book or movie about ghosts?

Forever Roads

Seeing ghosts is rough, but owing a ghost a favor flat out sucks.

My name’s Peri Jean Mace, and I’ve seen ghosts ever since I can remember. Don’t get too excited. Seeing across the veil branded me as a loony during my growing up years, and I learned to keep my yap shut about it.

Now I’m not sure I can anymore.

See, my cousin up and got herself killed the very same day I promised her a favor.  Now she’s back in spirit form and determined to make me pay. If I don’t solve her murder, she’s going to haunt me forever. Talk about the debt collector from hell.

That’s not my only problem. An obnoxiously hot cop wants to arrest my best friend for the murder.  My bigmouthed archenemy holds a clue to the killer’s identity. And there’s this mean—and ugly—woman who wants to beat me up.

None of this can turn out good.

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Catie Rhodes decided to turn her love of lying into writing fiction after she got fired for telling her boss the President was on the phone. It didn’t take Catie long to figure out what she wanted to do when she grew up. Drawing on her East Texas roots, her love of true crime, and her love of the paranormal, she writes the kind of stories she wishes the book stores sold. With her faithful Pomeranian, Cosmo, at her side, Catie relishes being that kid your mother warned you about, the one who cusses and never washes her hands after petting the dog.

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