Christmas cards. I love to send them. I love to receive them. Don’t you?

Every year for the past four or five years I’ve been sending Christmas cards out and every year as the season approaches I get excited as I select a graphic and think about the message on the back and prepare to send 1000+ cards out.

Except this year. (insert sad face here…)

That excitement began to build like it does every year and I’m going through some images when my husband asked me to do one thing first. To look at my calendar and decide when I’m going to be able to sign all those cards.

Um… (picture me scrolling through my calendar and groaning)

My publisher gave me the month of October to work on a few more revisions for The Patient. We’re halfway through the month and I’m halfway through my edits. Then November I’m away for two weeks at a conference where I get to take a class with Kristin Hannah (insert massive fan girl squeal here…), Jane Smiley, Alice Hoffman and Christina Baker Kline. (I’m not sure how I’ll contain myself with all these major authors…ack!)  Then I’m home for two weeks before we leave again for family vacation and then it’s Christmas.

Needless to say…the rest of October and November are a little busy with writing activities.

Plus…(fingers and toes crossed) I hope to have a new story out for you by Christmas!

All of that means…no time for Christmas cards. Next year I promise to plan better!

I do have an idea however, for something extra special. Keep your eyes peeled on Christmas Day for a special message from me along with a special gift. I won’t say any more because well…we all love surprises, don’t we? And it’s for Christmas after all…

PS...are you still thinking about joining me on my 2019 Christmas Market reader trip? I’m told there are only a few cabins left on the whole ship (crazy!!!) and I have some extra special things planned…I would hate for you to miss out if you’ve been on the fence about coming.