Could a lifetime of memories…be a lifetime of lies?

I love anything when it comes to secrets – especially when they are lifelong secrets that impact families. There’s something about the idea – how they impact everyone around us, ourselves and the lives we lead – it’s like candy to me. Suggest a book that deals with lies and secrets and I’m all in!

A Family of Strangers is the perfect beach read!

Emilie Richards crafted a web I couldn’t entangle myself from in her latest novel – A Family of Strangers. If you are looking for something amazing to read this summer, something to take with you on the beach…then you’ll want this book and you’ll want to pick it up ASAP!

I don’t like to give regular book reviews – I’m not a an of those type of reviews that simply retell the story. I’m more apt to pick up a book after I found out how it made a reader feel…so let me dive into that right now.

The Feels:

  • Like I wish I lived on the beach in Florida
  • How proud I was to have family dogs that were rescued
  • Reminded of how much I love to travel
  • How tired I was because I stayed up all night reading!

My takeaway…Emilie Richards is someone I’ve always loved to read and this book was just as amazing! It’s a great #summerread #beachread and it’s going to leave you guessing all throughout the book – even when you think you know what’s going on!