Pretend your rubbing a magical lamp and out pops a genie.  He tells you you have one wish and with that one wish you have the power to live your dreams.

What would you wish for?

If there was one thing you could do today to live your dreams – what would it be?

I asked this of myself five years ago. It’s safe to say that I hated where I was in life. I loved being a wife and a mother but I knew I was more than that. I was more than a secretary or event planner or pastor’s wife. I felt squashed and unfulfilled because I knew there was ‘more’.

Five years ago I decided to take a step in the direction I needed to live my dream. What is my dream? To write. To write with a passion that touched people’s hearts and made a difference – whether in the way they read (by wanting to read more) or how they treated someone or even how they lived. I wanted to have something that was mine and realize that I could do something.

These were the five steps that I took in 2010 so that I could be living my dream today.

  1. Gave myself permission to dream. I always had dreams but others came first after I was married and had kids. I had to give myself permission to not only dream accept my dreams were worth while.
  2. Wrote down my dreams. Write them down or create a dream board if you like visuals.
  3. Make the time.  If you have no time, then try to set aside 10 minutes for yourself. Start small and add on each week.Or maybe take a course, whether its online or in a classroom one day a month. But you have to make the time.

  4. Believed in myself. If you don’t believe in yourself first, no one else will.
  5. Jumped. Sometimes it takes more than walking carefully to avoid any obstacles, sometimes you’ve just got to take that step and jump…sure, it might seem scary, but if you don’t do it, think about all you’re miss by giving into your fear.

I’m living my dream – of being a full time writer able to support my family – because of these five steps. They may seem like small things, but unless you’re actually living your dream right now – you know they aren’t.

What is your dream? Is it to own your own bake shop? To be financially secure and able to send your kids to college while relaxing on a beach? Is it to own your own business as a carpenter or to own your own truck and do long hauls across the country? Is it to be a teacher overseas or adopt a child?

Whatever your dream is…I encourage you to dream big. Give yourself permission to dream, to acknowledge them (whether big or small), make the time for your dreams and then not only believe in yourself but to JUMP and see what happens!

It may seem small, but even taking 1 hr a week on your passion is a step towards seeing your dream come true! What small step will you take this week? Let me know below!