xmas card 2014The countdown in my house has begun for Christmas. Now that halloween is over, we have letters to santa to write, Christmas wish lists to create and tons of cookies to bake…not to mention a house to decorate! Yes, I know it’s early, but we love Christmas in this house (who doesn’t, right?)

I’m doing my annual Christmas Card Sign Up again! I loved sending so many cards last year … it was fun and I loved it when people would let me know when they got it! If you want one from me again (or if you’re new and want one) please fill out the form below and you’ll be added to the list 🙂

And…if you’d like to send me on…I’d love to fill my wall this year with cards from you! Email me at steena@steenaholmes.com for my address (no pressure…but be warned, I probably will show off the cards as they come…I LOVE getting xmas cards!)

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