The Promise of Christmas ARC

To save their small town from dying…they need a miracle…and some hot cocoa and cookies wouldn’t hurt, too.
For the past two years, Ashley Tanner has been trying to keep her promise to revitalize the small mountain town of Innsbruck, but it’s starting to look like she’s failing as mayor, and failure is never an option for her.
She has one last ditch effort – but it’s going to take a lot of work and she’s not sure if she can convince everyone to give it a try.

Rather than become a ghost town, why not become a town focused around Christmas – one of the most magical times of the year? Who wouldn’t love to visit a town where everything is holiday related – from a classic Gingerbread Tea House to a Candy Cane Lane Campground?
Thankfully, those closest to her love the idea, but together, as a group, can they convince the rest of the town?

Just when she thinks everything is coming together, things start to fall apart, not just in her own life, but in those closest to her too. Feeling responsible, while surviving the destruction of her marriage, Ashley tries to find miracles for everyone in her life – after all, Christmas is all about miracles, right?

The promise of what Christmas can be to not only the town of Innsbruck, but to everyone close to her is the only thing keeping her going. Well – that and coffee.

If you love Christmas as much as Steena does, you’ll end up wishing you could visit this tiny town for yourself. After all – who doesn’t love gingerbread houses, sugar cookies, hot cocoa and sleigh rides through a gorgeous mountain side village?

As a member of my ARC team – you can download your copy here. I’ve linked to dropbox where you can download. For Kindle – make sure to email this copy to your kindle please!