Hi there, I’m Steena

Thank you!
The link with that free book is on its way…

But while you’re here…may I introduce myself?

Before I was a writer, I was a reader – just like you! I remember skipping classes in highschool, just to sit on the floor in the library so I could read. 

Also, like you, I have stacks of books that I need to read and yet I keep filling my kindle or a book bag with more books to read! It’s not a bad problem to have though, right?

On Fridays, I like to post my #fridayreads book – whether it’s one I’m currently reading or one I just finished. 

What you can expect

From My Books

With over 30+ novels now, I’ve written a variety of genres
from sweet romance to women’s fiction to psychological suspense.


If you like sweet stories centered around chocolate – I’ve got a few series I know you’ll like. If you like to go a little darker and discover long lost family secrets that could destroy lives…I’ve got a few of those two.
If you prefer the lighter, sweeter reads…I’ve got you covered.