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Review Team Openings

With so many releases out this year, I’d love to invite you to be part of my review team. Just fill out this form below and expect an email from Melissa (assistant@steenaholmes.com)! List of upcoming releases: Return to Sender - August 12th Before the Storm – October 7th Halfway to Somewhere – TBA Stillwater Rising – November 11th    

Can Anyone Self Publish Successfully?

I get so many emails from authors wanting to know if they can self publish and how. First off – YES – anyone can self publish. My eleven year old has and I know of a ninety-year old great grandmother who recently self published her own collection of quilt designs. I don’t think that’s really the question though that I’m being asked. I think – and I could be wrong …Read More

Chocolate Krispy Treats

On a hot summer day – the last thing you want to do is start the oven to do some baking. These treats are so easy to make, and with a little arm muscle, even the kids can do them! My personal favorite is when chocolate is added – like I’ve done! Chocolate Krispie Squares unsalted butter = 3 tablespoons marshmallows = full bag of large marshmallows vanilla = 1 …Read More

July’s Reading List

Ahh Summer! Long days at the beach, quiet evenings outside on the patio reading a book I can’t wait to get lost in…I love summer reading – don’t you? Here’s what’s on my reading list for the month. Tell me … have you read any of them?

Easy Homemade Ice Cream

There is nothing I love more than homemade ice cream. Maybe it’s the smooth texture, the creaminess – or maybe it’s that I know exactly what is in my ice cream. Either way… the day I bought a small ice cream maker was the smartest day in the history of summer days in this household I honestly never knew how easy it was to make ice cream. Go figure. There …Read More

Words: They Can Make or Break Your Credibility

In the heat of the moment, it’s really hard to remember that it’s so important to watch the things we say. As authors, it’s something we really need to be aware of, no matter what the situation is. Yes, it’s okay to get upset about an issue and want to use your platform to get the message out, but before you do so…maybe take the time to really think about …Read More

Amazing Chocolate Pecan Pie

You might find this hard to believe, but I’ve never really enjoyed or savoured a slice of pecan pie until recently. Sure, I’ve tried to nibble on the store bought ones knowing they weren’t the real thing but never really felt a need to ‘experience’ a southern pecan pie, until recently.