Should You See The Book Club Movie?

Wine, books,'s what most book clubs are based on, right? Toss in a popular book that deals with BDSM and you could be in for a really interesting evening. I wasn't sure what to expect when my husband and I went to see an advanced screening of The...

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Join Me On My Book Tour

I'm very excited to start my book tour for The Forgotten Ones in Canada! My goal has always been to find readers, to meet them in person, to say thank you for reading my books and to grow my Canadian readership. When I mentioned this to my new publicist, he took me at...

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#TBR List from Horror Author Bon Lavery

The ever-growing to-be-read pile is essentially a bottomless pit of amazing books that I have yet to get to. This makes it a tough choice to decide what to read next. Now to cut it down to just five books? That’s a challenge! After I finish reading The Lucifer...

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Guest Post: What’s on your #tbr pile?

I love chatting with fellow authors and finding out what's on their #tbr pile. I find it so interesting to see what we're all reading and I always end up adding more books than I really need. Wait...did I just admit that? Gah...I obviously need more coffee because who...

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When every I Love You Matters

I love you. Three simple words we all long to hear. Three simple words that we take for granted and say without thought. As parents, we tell our children we love them all the time, so much so that its possible they don't always hear the words. Does that mean we stop?...

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Top Tips to Beating Writer’s Block

Every writer faces moments where the words they write come out all wrong. Nothing seems to flow, your brain can’t seem to think of a good way to continue the plot or how to have your characters to engage. You can write, of course, if you force yourself, but you end up...

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Friday Reads: Top 5 Books from a Bookseller

How often do I get to have a bookseller guest post on my blog? This is so cool! Booksellers and librarians are my own special kind of hero because they get to work in books, recommend these amazing reads to people and help guide minds into the love of storytelling!...

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I’ve got Christmas Markets on the brain…

One of my favorite trips that I've ever taken was to experience the German Christmas Markets a few years ago while writing Abby's Journey (have you read it yet?). I loved it so much that I haven't stopped thinking about it. I was only able to visit a handful of them...

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Blog Tour with an Epic Giveaway

I am so excited to partner with Silver Dagger Tours for the release of The Forgotten One! All month long blogs will be sharing this book and leaving reviews and I'm excited for readers to discover my new release! But even more so....the giveaway! need to...

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Steena Reads: Emily Carpenter

You know when you read a book and there's a little giggle inside of you when you finish it...a giggle that has nothing to do with how 'funny' the book was but how delicious of a read it was...even when there's death involved? (and if you say, no, you have no...

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