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#AskSteena: My Writing Process

One question I’m asked repeatedly is what is my writing process. Normally I’m always replying with one word: PANSTER. I think I might be changing my answer… Normally I like to have the story unfold while I’m writing…I always know how the story will end (kind of) but I never know the journey my characters will take to get there. On Mother’s Day, my daughter gave me the journal you …Read More

Butter Tarts – a Canadian Favorite

Set a plate of homemade pecan butter tarts in front of me and I can promise you they’ll be gone in no time. Add a cup of coffee and we’ll have the best of conversations where there will be a smile on my face and I’ll be licking my fingers from the amazing syrup taste. I’ve tried many different recipes. Some are runny – so gooey that as soon as …Read More

#SteenaReads: Cradle and All

I’m a reader at heart and so I was tickled pink to get an advanced copy of James Patterson new book coming out in September – Cradle and All. Don’t get mixed up with the title…I just searched Amazon and realized he wrote another book with the same title back in 2000. I’m a huge James Patterson fan. I enjoy his style of writing – the fast paced, short chapters, a …Read More

#SteenaReads: The Nightingale

I’m just waiting for my flight to depart from Chicago and heading home to Calgary. I’ve got three hours to work on a plot outline and read. I’ve saved this story for this trip – I thought I’d have more time to read (silly me) so I’m only on chapter 4 – but so far I’m engrossed in the story and I understand why so many readers love it! Have …Read More

#SteenaReads: Second Chance Grill

Don’t you LOVE this cover! Every time I see Christine Nolfi’s series, I fall in love with the cover over and over. I’m on a cruise ship right now and when I’m not writing – I’m taking a break and reading. LOTS. Having just finished Burying the Honeysuckle Girls (which I LOVED), I’m now enjoying this story. I’m in the mood for something a heart-warming but real and every time I …Read More

What’s Your Word?

I was recently asked to choose a word to live by for the year. In the past, I’ve always chosen words like passion, truth, love, dream – all words that were strong and powerful and true. These were words I would write on my board close to my desk and look at each day, reminding myself why I chose that word, how important it was to me. I originally had my word …Read More

#steenareads: Burying the Honeysuckle Girls

What pulls you towards a book? Is it the cover? The title? The blurb? Right now, my #amreading book is by Emily Carpenter and it’s her new release! I love the cover…the colors drew me in right away but can we talk about that title? Burying the Honeysuckle Girls…how brilliant is that! I want to know more and need to know more about these honeysuckle girls and why they’re buried. …Read More

What I’m Reading – Old Before My Time

I like to share what I’m reading on Instagram and thought I should start sharing it on here as well (just in case you’re not on Instagram). I recently ordered paperback copies of Hayley Okines’ books. I am doing research on her genetic disease – progeria – and wanted to learn more about what life is like for a child/teen with this disease. I’ve just started to read it but …Read More

Sweet Bakes

Forgive me for bragging on my oldest daughter for a moment please…I just can’t seem to resist. I love cakes. I especially love cakes that I don’t have to make, cakes that taste amazing and look oh so good…like these ones below. My oldest wants to be a pastry chef and make amazing cakes. She’s really good at it – not just at baking a cake but at the decorating …Read More

It’s okay to not be okay

This hasn’t been the easiest of posts for me to write. I’m pretty sure I’ve deleted more words than I’ve written and I’m still not sure if what I’m trying to actually say makes any lick of sense either but if you’ve been in my shoes, hopefully you’ll understand. As a mother with three teenage daughters, I’ll admit that I knew this day was coming. I’ve been preparing myself for …Read More