Where the recipe for romance contains chocolate, sweet love and happily-ever-afters

Whether it’s a flickering flame in a marriage that’s about to be rekindled, or a secret love that is shared, you’ll find it in these decadent novellas.


Happily-ever-after only happens once in a lifetime, right? But what if Prince Charming runs for the hills at the first sign of trouble and leaves you to pick up the pieces?

Thinking her marriage was over, Tessa was more than a little shocked to fall into the arms of her husband (literally) at a party she’d planned through her new company, Decadent Events. When he asks her out for coffee, she assumes it’s to sign the divorce papers he’d seen.
What’s a girl to do when her heart still goes pitter-patter for a man who ran out on her six months after they made their forever vows but comes back asking for another chance?
Whether it’s a flickering flame in a marriage that’s about to be rekindled, or a secret love that is shared, you’ll find it in the small town of Banff, where Decadent Events is located.




Since chocolate couldn’t cure her broken heart, creating the finest croissants this side of Paris would have to do. Who needed love anyways?

Opening up Sweet Treats could have been the answer to all her problems—except all the problems she’d ran away from in Paris followed after her, via a first-class ticket and rugged jeans. It didn’t help he made the best chocolates she’d ever tasted, either.
What’s a girl to do when the only man she’d ever loved was willing to give their love another try—even when she’d been the one to betray their love by keeping a secret from him that could destroy all their future dreams?
You won’t want to miss the latest novella in the Decadent Events series! If you love the finer things in life—specifically buttery croissants, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate, and a sweet love that endures—you’ll enjoy Sweet Dreams.




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Lauren Summers is the stable sister, the one who runs the family company while her sisters take off and travel the world. One weekend a year she hides herself away and mourns a love she lost six years ago. That weekend is now, except she’s being whisked away to a mysterious island despite her protests. After being pampered with luxury, massages and the best chocolate a girl could taste, she starts to realize that its time she left the past behind and moved forward with life, and maybe with love. What she doesn’t know, is that someone from her past has other ideas….


This sweet romance novella is full of love, laughter, soul mates, and chocolate. If you read Sweet Memories or Sweet Dreams from the Love So Sweet Series, you will recognize characters in this story.





Knowing what she wants and how to get it is Kerrie’s specialty. She is after a lawyer. But the game plan changes when it comes to men. Losing control is never an option, so when her blind date disregards her long list of “wooing” requirements and does what he pleases, she discovers it’s not only exactly what she’s always desired, but also what she’s always needed.

While Sweet Retreat might be short in length, it’s full of sweet love between two people who discover an instant connection.






Seline Cook is focused on one thing, and one thing only — making sure her best friend Bex, has the wedding of her dreams. Sounds easy, right?

What she doesn’t expect is for Bex to go behind her back and ensure Seline has her own dream come true.

Over a year ago, Seline ended her own engagement because she lost faith in Ethan James, her soul mate. In the past year, she’s tried hard to move on: she started her own pastry photography company and is finally happy, or so she thinks.

Thrown together with Ethan as part of the wedding party, Seline has to fight against the pull in her heart to reconnect with Ethan. But since he’s determined to win back her heart…is she strong enough to resist or is it all ready too late for her?

During Bex’s bachelorette party, a game of Truth or Dare is played. Rather than face the truth, Seline takes a dare…and kisses the first man she sees.

Guess who that is?