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Sweet Memories

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Now a NY Times Bestseller! Decadent Events—where the recipe for romance contains chocolate, sweet love, and happily-ever-afters.


Happily-ever-after only happens once in a lifetime, right? But what if Prince Charming runs for the hills at the first sign of trouble and leaves you to pick up the pieces?

Thinking her marriage was over, Tessa was more than a little shocked to fall into the arms of her husband (literally) at a party she’d planned through her new company, Decadent Events. When he asks her out for coffee, she assumes it’s to sign the divorce papers he’d seen.

What’s a girl to do when her heart still goes pitter-patter for a man who ran out on her six months after they made their forever vows but comes back asking for another chance?

Whether it’s a flickering flame in a marriage that’s about to be rekindled, or a secret love that is shared, you’ll find it in the small town of Banff, where Decadent Events is located.

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