PARIS 2023

Calling all fellow #travelholics!
When should we head back to Paris? 
Should it be a FALL trip again? Or would you like to do another Christmas Market Tour?


When would you like to go?

Help Me Decide...


I love Paris just as much as I love the European Christmas Markets! Having to choose our next Paris trip is difficult – we could go in the fall of 2023 to Paris or we could do another Christmas Market trip with a French theme in December 2023.

Which would you pick?

If you weren’t able to join us for our Paris 2022 trip – there’s space available in this one! 
We will meander through the streets, see all the sites, enjoy coffee at the local cafes, sip wine to our delight, indulge in all the sweets you can imagine…this will be a chocolate tour like none other!
Dates: Fall 2023

I have a not-so-secret love of Christmas Markets. Our first Reader Trip was a Christmas Market river cruise and it was amazing! We stopped in Amsterdam, Germany, France and Switzerland and explored some of the most amazing markets and even enjoyed an evening of Opera in a Castle one night! 
This trip we’ll explore different markets, both French and German, walk through the amazing Paris markets and indulge in all things chocolate once again!
Dates: December 2023