>I’m a cry-baby through and through. It doesn’t take much for me to cry. Trust me – there’s been plenty of commercials that cause my eyes to leak.

My daughters generally laugh at me when they catch me crying during movies. My youngest thinks its funny – it takes a lot to bring tears to her eyes during movies. “It’s not real, mommy” she always tells me. I try to explain that it ‘felt’ real – but she’s 7 and really doesn’t understand. She’ll pretend to – ‘but she’s really not dead, right?’, but I know she doesn’t get it. My oldest – she’s turning out to be like me – I think. She turns her head away from me so I won’t catch the tears, but the tiny hiccup of a sob can’t be hidden. Trust me. My middle daughter – she’s just a mystery, so I have no idea if she gets it or if she’s trying to be tough for her dad. Who knows.

I love to cry at a good movie. Especially when I know the movie was made from a book – because if I cried during the movie, can you imagine how awesome the book would be at showing the emotional impact? At least, I hope …  We watched Bridge to Tarabithia tonight – my middle daughter is doing a book report on it. (shhh … I can already hear the gulps from the other mom’s – don’t worry, they read the book in class and then watched the movie … she just wanted to watch it again).

I couldn’t stop to enjoy the movie just for the movie – I found myself thinking about the book, the writing and the impact a story can have. It’s my dream – and I’m sure it’s yours – to one day have one of my novels turn into a movie. The one I have out on submission right now would make a terrific movie (saying so while I pat myself on the back – lol). Can you imagine your words being shown on screen? Those scenes that we slave away at, desperate to ensure we are showing and not telling – to have it play out and bring tears, laughter, deep thought to others? How awesome would that be!

What about you? Do you often dream about your novel being made into a movie? Do you often find yourself thinking about the impact of the book when you are watching a movie? Does it drive you to want to read that book now?